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Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm EST
the unprecedented change she helped ♪ >>> in just a few hours, we will find out who america has picked to be this season's winner of nbc's hit show "the voice." the three finalists all perfect formed last night and all of them asked for america's vote. >> former contestants also took to the stage to pay tribute to the victims of the connecticut school tragedy. nbc's stephanie stanton is live in l.a. right now with a preview of tonight's big two-hour season finale. stephanie? >> reporter: yes, indeed. yesterday the show started on an emotional somber note with that tribute to the connecticut shooting victims. well, tonight, in just a few hours, we will learn the winner of "voice." it all comes down to these three finalists. the rocker, the soul man, and the pop country queen. so will we see a woman win this thing for the very first time? it is all up to america. ♪ it won't be long >> reporter: for the finalists last night's show was unlike any other before. >> i admit, it was a different vibe. >> reporter: the finale began with coaches and singers uniting for a tribute to the victims
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm EST
. >> that is a bad strategy for america. it's a bad strategy for your businesses. and it is not a game that i will play. >> reporter: republicans are pushing back. >> he's the president, not the emperor. he does not have the power. >> reporter: fiscal cliff negotiations have been at a standstill since monday. not by raising rates on the rich as the president had insisted. >> we're not insisting on rates just out of spite, but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> we can't just keep borrowing money, raising taxes and expecting the problem to go away. >> reporter: house members headed home for a long weekend with democrats so far unsuccessful in their efforts to force a vote on a bill that would extend tax cuts to 98% of americans. but house speaker john boehner said he's here, and all ears. >> i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president if he gets serious about solving this problem. >> reporter: 26 days out and the waiting continues. >> with no solution in sight, the budget office is ordering the pentagon and other federal agencies to finalize their
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm EST
tonight on "the voice." kristina aguilera and adam leave convene just have to watch. seeking america's vote for one of two spots in next week's finals are scottish rocker terry mcdermott, pop rock and country artist cassidy pope, and nicklas david and power balance ladeer trevor hunt. >> people like who they like. it doesn't matter what a coach does, people just react to music in a very specific way. >> reporter: they also react to big surprises in a specific way. >> it's yours! howie mandel hosts "take it all". >> it's deal or no deal meets the price is right. contestants are not cash and prizes, and risk them all to steal the prizes of others. >> the stakes are life-changing, hundreds of thousands, puts them in a whole any tax bracket, whole new life bracket. ♪ when we finally kiss good night ♪ >> michael bubble hosts his second annual christmas special in his home country. >> tonight is just all my friends and family. >> blake shelton is among the guests. mark barringer, nbc news. >>> all right. here's the rundown "the voice" at 8:00, followed by "take it all" then at 10:00 bu
Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm EST
." >>> this will be the last time each contestant sings better america decides on the winner. that winner will be announced tomorrow night. >> will walk away with a major reporting contact. they have a preview of tonight's big show in los angeles. ♪ in the morning ♪ please don't say you love me >> one finalist likes to rock. ♪ >> reporter: another prefers to roll with the soul. ♪ >> reporter: and the third blends pop rock and country. >> it's about the right songs at the right time, the right emotion. you can't fake it on this show ♪ when push comes to shove >> she's got rave reviews. >> blake, you have a true superstar on your hands. >> reporter: she could be the show's first female winner. >> i feel like as long as we love the songs we're doing and feel them in our hearts, that's all we can really do. ♪ >> reporter: nicklas david won the coaches over. >> i'm never disappointed with your performances, man. >> with distinct look and retrosound. >> who do you try to dress like? or sound like? i'm like, honestly, i want to be me. ♪ let it be >> reporter: his sound comes from across the atlantic
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4